LIFE 19 NAT/IT/000264

Seagrass transplantation for transitional Ecosystem Recovery

“Seagrass meadows transplantexperiences and benefits” handbook.

The handbook “Seagrass meadows transplant experiences and benefits” is now available in the download section of the website.Click this link...
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German Journalist Highlights LIFE Transfer’s Seagrass Restoration Efforts

After a visit to the Caleri Lagoon in Italy, German journalist Christian Schwägerl has penned an insightful article spotlighting the...
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LIFE Transfer visited by a German journalist

On April 4th, we had the pleasure of accompany Christian Schwägerl, a German journalist and biologist, to the stunning Caleri...
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The Life Transfer project aims to improve the conservation status of habitat 1150* due to seagrass regression in 8 Natura 2000 sites in 3 Member States:

  • Italy – IT4060002 – IT4060005 – IT3270023 – IT3270017

  • Greece – GR2110001 – GR2110004

  • Spain – ES6200030 – ES0000260

The specific objectives are:

  1. Restoring and consolidating priority habitat 1150* in 6 coastal lagoons, by transplanting submerged phanerogams to promote ecosystem self-sustainability
  2. Contributing to achieve a good ecological state of transitional water demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed actions to pursue the objectives set in the WFD 2000/60/EC
  3. Quantifying the value of ecosystem services provided by the lagoon environments and the seagrass meadows
  4. Training of future trainers in this techniques, targeting site managers/professional not participating to the project to ensure transferability and replicability in other sites.