Istituto Delta is born as spin-off company of the University of Ferrara, on October 2001 by a group of researchers of the Biology Department.

The company offers top quality with all the characteristics of a private company, providing research and technological transfer services for the environment and sustainable development. Scientific knowledge allows Istituto Delta services to offer new solutions to increasingly demanding requests.

We are a Research Institution formally recognized from the “National Research Register – Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche” No. 53172DPY since year 2002.

Istituto Delta’s team is multidisciplinary and therefore offer a comprehensive analysis of solutions, thanks to Biologists, Naturalist, Economist and Agronomist with different specialisations.

Istituto Delta has a consolidated experience in Nature and Biodiversity projects, the company  planned projects specially dealing with coastal habitats and species at International and National level, such as LIFE10NATIT000256, LIFE13NAT/IT/000115, LIFE09NATIT000110, LIFE04NAT/IT/000126, LIFENAT00/IT/7215, LIFE00NAT/IT/7142.

Istituto Delta also has successfully managed eight LIFE projects and participated as beneficiary at LIFE09ENVIT000188.

The Company elaborated habitat maps of Po river delta and variuos Natura 2000 sites in Norther Italy.

Work group

Graziano Caramori

Project Manager

Chiara Masina


daria Boldrin

Assistant Project Manager

Cristina Barbieri

Communication Manager