Po Delta (IT3270023, IT3270017)

Gigi Maistro

The Po river delta is the only delta in Italy, this site lay on the northern part of the delta and host also the bigger river branches. The areas in which the project will be implemented is Canarin lagoon.

The Sacca del Canarin is a lagoon located in the eastern area of the Delta, between the branches of the Po di Pila to the north, of the Busa di Scirocco to the north-east and of the Busa del Bastimento
(Po di Tolle) to the south.
It is part of a complex system of brackish lagoons formed after the continuous remodeling of the coastline due to morphological evolution
of the Po Delta.
The formation of the Sacca dates back to around 1850 and was caused by the advancement towards the sea of two branches of the Po Delta: Po di Tolle and Po di Pila.
After the reclamation activities, carried out in the period between the two world wars and the Agrarian Reformation of the last post-war period, the Sacca has assumed its current configuration having been dammed towards the west to protect the areas behind it, which have an average level below the sea level of about 3 meters.
Currently, the Sacca del Canarin has an area of about 1000 ha, with average depth of 1.0 / 1.2 meters and communicates with the sea through a single mouth oriented to the east.
Recently, this mouth has partially been closed due to the formation of a series of partially submerged sandy banks (benches).

The habitat 1150* in the two lagoons represent about 20% of habitat of the site. In other lagoon such as Scardovari, conservation works have been implemented with, but it is not the most suitable lagoon for seagrass transplantation.

In Canarin lagoon will be implemented also work of water circulation improvement, since the phase of channel dredging could not be suitable for seagrass transplantation a third lagoon, named Vallona-Marinetta (south of Caleri) will be an option choice for the seagrass transplantation.