Ex-ante monitoring into the lagoons has been performed, in Italy no aquatic angiosperms were present in the four selected lagoons whereas macroalgae in the same lagoons showed a significant biomass, Ecological quality status based on the M-AMBI index had huge variation. In Greece the ex-ante monitoring showed that Mazoma lagoon is a suitable donor site for the sod transplantation methodology and secondly it was possible to identify five primary areas for habitat restoration activities in Logarou. The areas are primarily located in regions with a good level of seawater exchange and relatively low levels of nutrients in an attempt to encourage the successful transplantation of seagrass sods.

Despite limitation due to the pandemic training of the future trainers was performed in July 2021, and training of the local operators in Autumn 2021 in Greece and Italy.

First transplant started in december 2021 in Italy and in one lagoon in Greece

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