CETENMA (Technology Centre for Energy and Environment) is a private, non-profit Business Association, founded in 2000. Its headquarter is placed in the southeast of Spain (Cartagena, Murcia). It was set up to support companies with technological research, development and innovation, to become more competitive. CETENMA R&D activities range over five main areas of Knowledge: Water Technologies, Waste valorization, Biorefinery, Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency.


CETENMA has a multidisciplinary team of researchers trained in science and engineering with a high level of qualification and background on leading sustainable and emerging environmental technologies to treat waste and wastewater, circular bio-economy solutions (bioenergy & high added-value bioproducts from waste streams), measures to adapt and mitigate climate change and decarbonization of urban and rural environments, complemented by digitalization and the development of sustainable assessments: environmental (LCA), social (S-LCA) and cost analysis (LCC). The department of R&D management supports public and private entities with high expertise training, D&C&E events and technology transfer, some of the activities that CETENMA will carry out in the LIFE TRANSFER project.

CETENMA counts with a wide experience in the preparation and implementation of regional, national and EU-funded projects. Some of our ongoing projects are:

LIFE TRANSFER working group

Gemma Castejón

Project manager

Nuria Blasco

Socio-economic activities leader

Francisca Sánchez

Technical Project manager

Silvia Pérez

Dissemination & Communication activities leader

Marta Carreras


Mari Alcázar

Dissemination & Communication activities technician