University Ca' Foscari Venice

Dept.of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics (DAIS-UNIVE)

Ca’ Foscari University realises advanced research projects and innovative academic programmes. From 2007, it has been awarded more than 100 projects, 60 of which from 7PQ and H2020. With regard to LIFE Programme, the University has been the coordinator of projects LIFE03_ENV/IT/000323, LIFE12 NAT/IT/000331 and LIFE12 NAT/IT/000589, and a partner in project LIFE16 NAT/IT/000663.

The Department of Environmental Sciences, Information Technology and Statistics has been created in 2011 from the merging of the Departments of Environmental Sciences, of IT and of Statistics. The research group involved in the Project, is usually focused on the ecological status of Italian transitional environments, dealing with flora and concentrations, balances and cycles of nutrient substances and pollutants of these environments. Numerous studies have been conducted on all the aquatic macrophytes that populate these environments, on their distribution, on the net production and increase as well as on the accumulation of nutrients and pollutants in the Venetian Lagoon, on both temporal and spatial scale.

Moreover, the group has developed the MaQI Index (Macrophyte Quality Index), national index (DM 260/2010) for the assessment of the ecological status of Italian transitional environments – intrcalibrated in Europe for the application of the WFD (2000/60/EC). In 2008, with reference to the MATTM Convention and the Italian Society of Marine Biology (SIBM), Prof. Sfriso – scientific responsible of the project for the University – has been nominated representative of marine SIC for Veneto Region, in order to implement the project ‘Implementation of Italian marine SIC’.

Our Staff

Adriano Sfriso

Full Professor of Ecology

Alessandro Buosi

Laboratory Technician