LIFE19 NAT/IT/000264

TRANSFER – Seagrass transplantation for transitional Ecosystem Recovery

The TRANSFER project aims to improve the conservation status of habitat 1150* due to seagrass regression in eight Natura 2000 sites in three Member States: Italy, IT4060002; IT4060005; IT3270023; IT3270017; Greece GR2110001 GR2110004, Spain ES6200030, ES0000260.

The specific objectives are:

1. Restoring and consolidating priority habitat 1150* in 6 coastal lagoons, by transplanting submerged phanerogams to promote ecosystem self-sustainability; 

2. Contributing to achieve a good ecological state of transitional water demonstrating the effectiveness of the proposed actions to pursue the objectives set in the WFD 2000/60/EC;

3. Quantifying the value of ecosystem services provided by the lagoon environments and the seagrass meadows

4. Training of future trainers in this techniques, targeting site managers/professional not participating to the project to ensure transferability and replicability in other sites.