University of Ferrara

Dept. of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences (DOCPAS-UNIFE)

The University of Ferrara, founded in 1391, is one of the oldest in Italy. It consists of twelve Departments: Architecture; Economics and management; Physics and earth sciences; Law; Engineering; Mathematics and computer sciences; Humanities; Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Prevention composed by the Departments of: Traslational medicine for Romagna; Neurosciences and Rehabilitation; Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricoltural Sciences; Life sciences and biotechnology; Medical sciences.

Some facts and figures about the University: over 22,000 students enrolled, 150 Master students, 400 PhD students, 606 permanent academic staff, 550 administrative and tech. 42 international research projects funded by FP7, 20 projects funded by Horizon 2020, several projects funded by other European research programmes (LIFE, INTERREG, etc); around 800 international cooperation agreements.

The Department of Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural Sciences (DOCPAS) hosts 63 teachers, 11 people in technical roles and 3 researchers from the National Research Council, ISOF institute. The different scientific fields of the Department include: Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technological Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Ecology, Biochemistry and Microbiology.

Staff at UNIFE

Michele Mistri

Full Professor of Ecology

Cristina Munari

Associate Professor of Ecology

Andrea Augusto Sfriso

Research Fellow

Eleonora Bigoni

Administrative Secretary

Enrica Nuccio

Administrative Staff