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A2 Ex-Ante Monitoring in the Sacca di Goro (IT4060005)

On May 6th, 2021, the ex ante monitoring in the Sacca di Goro was carried out: Research Units of UNIFE and DAIS-UNIVE, together with IDECO, sampled the benthos (fauna and flora), the water column and the sediments for:
– structure and composition of the macrobenthic community and EQ through M-AMBI
– composition of the macroalgal community (when present)
– in the water column:
– ammonium (N-NH4+); nitrogen (N-NO2-, N-NO3-); dissolved inorganic phosphorus (SRP); dissolved silicates (SiO4–);
– Suspended solids (TSS);
– other hydrological parameters: transparency (Tr); temperature (t); dissolved oxygen (DO); pH; Eh; salinity (S); depth (D), Chlorophyll-a and phaeopigments.
– in the sediments:
– total, inorganic and organic carbon (TC, IC, OC);
– total nitrogen (TN); total, inorganic and organic phosphorus (TP, IP, OP);
– wet and dry density (Dsed);
– humidity, porosity;
– percentage of fine fraction <63μm (fines)